Monday, February 27, 2012

Things Saved


Many bits of information have come my way, usually forwarded through Facebook, , some funny, some educational, and some worrisome. And I save them. My files are worthy of the attention of those folks featured on television – the one that shows the homes of hoarders. And just like those hoarders, there’s some good stuff stashed away in my files – if I could just find it.

Tonight, I’m systematically (if you believe that, you don’t know me very well), going through the clearly marked “Fun Stuff” file. I see a lot of 'stuff' in there -everything from cartoons to old worn out jokes, but “systematic” isn’t going to fit this project. No way. Haphazard is a much better word.

The very first thing I opened was a group of fun-poking cartoons about aging. A few were saved the rest discarded.
Next came a file of old Southern sayings listed alphabetically – the  Southern saying, spelled phonically on the left, the meaning on the right.

Many of these have migrated westward and are readily understood by Texans––at least this Texan.  Hm-m-m. This could explain why I get questioning looks when chatting with out-of-state friends.

To name a few that caught my eye:
Catty-corner(ed)            Diagonal
Cattywampus                Askew, awry, not straight
Chinchy                        Real stingy
Conniption                    A major fit, a total loss of control of one’s temper
Consarned                     An expression used by those who don’t wish to say “damned” 
Fixins                          What is needed to prepare a dish
Frazzle                         Worn out, fatigue, nervous because of some happening
Heap                            Quanity, a great amount
Holler                          A small valley––also to talk at the top of your voice
Kick up a ruckus           To cause a commotion
Kilt                              Past tense of kill

This dictionery of sayings is a keeper.  My score for the night: one file tossed in the trash, one file saved, and an hour or so browsing and laughing. But I’m curious––Were the meaning of those words clear to you––without reading the definitions?

This project may be too time-consuming to continue. I’ll give it some thought.


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