Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Exibit at the Doss Heritage and Cultural Center

Connecting Threads: Tapestries and Masks
Sherri Woodard Coffey and Pat Souder

Purple Haze, one of my favorites
Today I had a second opportunity to visit my daughter’s exhibit at the Doss and was given permission to photograph her display to share here. I didn’t have permission to take pictures of Pat’s masks, but will tell you that they are outstanding and constructed of many ever-day items that can be found in our “can’t throw that away yet” box.

The walls of the huge exhibit room were lined with Sherri’s wall hanging alternating with Pat’s masks for an outstanding display. 
This display demonstrates the many detailed steps involved in working out a design. 

Badlands,another favorite

Elemental Vision
These photos were taken with my cell phone and the colors are probably not exact.  I also took notebook and pen in order to enter each piece's title but failed to do so.

In an adjoining room was a fabulous display of needlework, a special cove showing a cozy needle-working corner. Glass enclosed displays of small items and beadwork added to the interest.
     The needle work ranged from an intricately quilted square, to framed reproductions of old paintings; from delicately formed fabric flowers to metallic flowers and vines. All types of stitches in every conceivable design were shown in this “eat your heart out” display of the work of some very talented needle workers.

Visit this Connecting Threads  exhibit (both rooms) and see the items displayed of some very talented artisans!