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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dandy's Yogg

Woof. Woof.

      I’ve been outside with my Lady and it is hot out there!  I may be little, but I’m no wimp. This heat has me panting before I can even get off the porch.
     Now, I hope you realize that I’m wearing two coats. I need to talk to my Lady about this. I think its time for another grooming. That would help a little.  If you think I’m extravagant, you put on two coats and see how long you last outside!

      I remember not being too pleased with the cold and the white stuff all over the ground, but once I I became used to it, I found it kind of fun to run around in. I sure didn’t need to pant.

       Of course, I remember having some trouble burying that piece of bread that I snitched from the cats  and I remember having a problem getting enough traction .to chase that black cat because of that hard clear stuff that covered our porch. That was rather embarrassing, you know. Imagine being flat on your mid-section with your legs and arms going every which way, besides being in front of a bunch of smirking cats!

      This afternoon I tried to tell my best friend all about being a dog but he and my Lady started laughing after a bit so I had to give up. I was trying to tell him about there being something hiding beneath my Lady’s old office. She won’t let me go near it any more since the day I almost scratched off a board so I could rid the premises of unwanted varmints.  I don’t think she liked the dirt I was throwing up into the air, either, or that little board that landed at her feet.

      Well, I know my job, and I’m going to do it whenever I have a chance, but for right now, I am a very lucky dog to have such a nice pillow and a cool house. 
     You people drink plenty of water and take advantage of air-conditioning whenever you can.