Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dandy's Yogg

A bad month

                              Woff, Woof!
     Things were going rather smoothly around here, My Lady was shaping up rather nicely to a dog’s ways, I was allowed to clear the doorway of cats if I wished, and somehow, I escaped getting a bath. Well, then My Lady got really busy with this contraption and was getting rather contrary: THEN one morning she had company and left with them….Early!  My Lady does not do early so I thought this was very strange.
      I waited and waited for her to come back but she didn’t. Other pack members came by and took me for walks and put out feed but they couldn’t talk dog talk so there I was, all alone and I didn’t know why. I really liked My Lady and I was pretty sure she liked me so this was a real puzzle.
     Well, two days and nights later she came back….kinda. It sounded like her but, whoo-ee, what a change! She looked a lot like one of my coon toys! And she was creeping around the house holding to things. There was a lot of confusion and people and telephoning and such, so I just went over to my spot and watched it all. I didn’t like this new development one tiny bit!
     I’ve done my very best to communicate my concerns to some of the pack. I’ve used every tone of yowl that I know and all the body language I have but they still don’t understand. They’re nice and sympathetic and they’re nice to My Lady so I guess I’ll just have to do my part and worry a lot.
     I talked her in to taking me out this morning and we sat a while in the sun. Those pesky neighbor dog came rushing over in My yard barking like they wanted to attack us both, but I just ignored them. I had My Lady to take care of and she told them to go so that was that. Some day I plan to try out my Bull Dog fangs on those pests. They need to be taught about property rights. 
I'm watching.
     Did you know that I suspect Bulldog ancestors? Of course the Dandie Denmont Terrior line is what I’m proud of and this Bulldog  linage does mess up my normally handsome face, but a touch of Bulldog might come in handy. We’ll see!
     Anyway, I stayed close to My Lady and just enjoyed the sun and wind and when she stood up I just trotted slowly to the front door and she followed. I think that I need to be careful with her. Something isn’t quite right and now she’s my responsibility. You betcha!
I heard something!

My Lady left this on this box and you might find it 
interesting. Of course, she's  prejudiced and I'm glad! But it is kinda interesting.