Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Money---just kiss it good-by. There's a good sale somewhere.

What makes the world go round ?  Maybe you’ve heard that it’s love? Absolutely wrong. It’s money: or rather the art of getting  your money.

Yesterday I received my first sales catalog of the week. Only one, after all, it was only Monday. This one  is a Fall Fashion Sale, picking a new approach from those of the past few weeks: the tax free week-end sale of August 21,22, 23, a variety of back-to-school catalogs, Labor Day sales, end of summer sales and finally,  if after the past four weeks of spending opportunities, there is any small change left in your pocketbook,  this Fall Sale event gives you another chance to rush out and exchange your money for small appliances or a final clearance of fine jewelry, or even on a specially discounted line of new fall fashions.

Now the latest fall fashions open the door to another world: one that I am firmly closing that door on before something escapes.  I know it’s another world because it’s peopled with nothing but youth, and all pencil thin youth, besides.  There are short skirts and plunging necklines  (no the two do not meet!)  there are lacy semi-sheer tops and skirts.  There are bold prints on flowing garments,  form fitting knit tops and equally form fitting jeans. 

Those who love ruffles will find that the fashion world has not yet retired them to the basement disposal box but have probably added a bit of this and a bit of that to the dye lots to lure you back for just one more ruffled top in this marvelous new color!

Now,  I’m an old hand at bargain buying. My overstuffed closet can attest to that. I’m not about to be tempted by this Fall Sale. After all, the biggies of all time will soon be here: Halloween, and after Halloween,  Pre-Thanksgiving,  Thanksgiving,  Christmas and the sale of sales,  the after Christmas sale. Then….. well,  the sales will continue, for how can these wonderful stores exist without our money, and there will be bargains…and fresh new colors…and discounted linens with beautiful colors that you’ve not yet tried!

It ain’t easy living with daily bargain notices filling your mailbox but if you’re tough it can be done. I’m sitting here with my coffee (which is getting cold) looking at ads and proud of my self discipline.

Oh Oh, I just remembered something. Aren’t $2 bills still legal tender?  There’s one  on the table right over here. That, and the loose change in the top drawer will get me that sale-priced pair of earrings.

Bye, now. Ya’ll have a good day!