Sunday, November 7, 2010


Woff, woff,.  My name is Dandy, at least I think it is! I seem to be called by a lot of different names: Sweety, Doggie, Funny Face….ME, being called Sweety. How ridiculous ! I don’t want to sound too macho, but I come from a long line of hard-working hunting dogs! If My Lady will  take off that leash next time we’re outside, I’ll show her  how fast I can put eight cats up a tree. 

Now those cats: that’s something I’d like to discuss. Why is it that they bow up at me. Really, I’m not interested in them although there’s one little tabby that I rub noses with.  The whole gang of them bow and hiss and slap me when I try to be friends. They’re about my size and should be a lot of fun to play with but, no, they’d rather be rude! Then when I ignore them, they follow me everywhere. Like I said earlier, take that lease off and we’ll come to an understanding. 

My Lady is nice enough and I’ve found her easy to handle. Usually, one little whine is all it takes to get her attention, but if that fails, all I have to do is reach for her with my paw and she’s mine. And how that woman loves to talk!  If I do my little talking act she puts on quite a show even talking something that I think is called “baby talk.” She is kind of fun, though, especially when I show her what I can do with my squeaky coon thing she calls a toy. I hope  I can convince her that this is what my ancestors did with badgers, rabbits and even rats. It’s in my blood--I can do it too. I’m not just an entertainer. If those outside cats ever overlook a rat, I’ll take care of it quick-time. 

This is my first time to do a Yogg … you pronounce that a little like you’re in the middle of a yawn…but I’ve watched My Lady doing this a lot.  Sometimes she acts as though she doesn’t like this little box  and I expect that if she wasn’t a nice lady she might say something I don’t want to hear. 

Anyway, if she ever leaves me alone again, twice in one day, I’ll try out my paws again. It’s really not too complicated: you just hit  the bottom of the screen and funny things happen and you’re through!