Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kittens & Coons

Woof, Woof.    
        Just when I thought it was getting dull around here I heard a lot of squeaky stuff on the back porch that I couldn’t see but I looked hard as I could out the back window. I could hardly wait! When My Lady finally got around to taking me for a walk I gave that porch a real search and I found four little squeaky things. I brought one out to show off but I had to put it down double quick. My Lady said it was a baby cat, but it doesn’t look much like one.  I’d like to bring one inside to play with, but My Lady nixed that idea immediately. The Momma cat didn’t seem at all bothered  by my attention.even care.
     Those cats act as though they like me. Maybe I’m something warm to rub against. That may be what it is. They rub on me all the time…except for those two black and white ones. What’s going on with those uppity felines, anyway? Every time I’m out they try to pick a fight. You know I’m a peaceful fellow, but if they’re going to hiss and show their claws, I can still show them who this yard belongs too. After all, they’re just strays. My Lady asked for me!
     Well, now the little kittens are gone. I still look for them. I hope nothing bad happened but I’ll keep watching.
      But tonight! Oh boy, what happened tonight! I heard something that didn’t sound exactly right outside on my porch where My Lady feeds that herd of cats so I looked out and there was this huge animal with black rings around its eyes. It looked a lot like My Lady looked for about three weeks (still does some, but I don’t let her know I think so) This old fellow was trying to sneak up on the cat food and I didn’t like that a bit so I brought up my biggest and loudest bark and away he went.
Being good is sometimes dull
     I was sort of surprised at how loud I was and My Lady certainly was. She knew I talked a lot and used a lot of wimpy barking but this was my “Get your tail out of here “ bark. It worked, too, but that varmint kept coming back. Finally My Lady put my leash on and I knew the fun was over so I jumped into my bed. What else could  do? I sure didn’t want any more of that “bad dog” name-calling. I think she liked my loud barking, anyway. I showed her what I could do if it was necessary. 
      Meanwhile, since I’m not going to get to go outside, I’ll  have pleasant dreams about chasing that fellow into somebody else’s yard.

     Yep. that bundle of contentment up there in that pics on the left is me. I hadn't told you that  some of the pack took me down for a grooming, had?.