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Sunday, November 13, 2011


   Woof, woof.   I hate to admit that this has been one boring place since all those silly cats disappeared. I've watched a few deer grazing and once a fox crossed my front yard but since he was trotting along and seemed to have no interest in lingering, I didn't even bother to bark.
      Once, when I was outside, sniffing the air, I spotted a deer lying by the rock wall, and when I let out my fearsome bark, it leaped high and left the country.  I was rather pleased with that. I'm just a little fellow,  but that big deer didn't stay around to discuss squatter's rights.

      Most of the time I don't even bother to bark. They're almost as dumb as those cats. I would bark and the silly things would look up and twitch those big ears a bit, then go back to grazing.  I guess they were smart enough to realize I was locked in the house and couldn't get to them. I betcha if I'd been outside they'd gone off my hill, pronto!
      My Lady is rather lax about watching out the windows for unwanted visitors, so it's left up to me. I don't mind. She has made me a convenient place by a front window, and I watch the traffic and its nice to see someone turn in my driveway.
      My neighbor's dog comes by every morning but I'm not very interested in her. She a feisty little black and brown terrior type, always jumping around, wanting to play when I'm outside. I consider myself too mature to waste my time on that silly stuff. After all, I'm my Lady's guard dog and I'm going spend my time taking care of her.
      Yesterday, while I was watching, I saw an enormous German sherpherd type of dog out front in my yard. This fellow was big-g-g-g. I dug down for my deepest, scariest bark, but he didn't seem to notice. I expect he was too far away to hear me or he'd have left this place in one giant leap. My Lady noticed my alert, and that is good. She needs to listen to me! Anyway, she looked out and saw this dog and petted me and called me a good dog. I like that, but I was hoping she'd open the door for a better look. If she had, I'd been out of here, and taken care of that intruder. There are times I suspect  she knows my intentions and outsmarts me.
      Oh well, it was nice being called a good dog.  I barked some more and didn't get scolded and sent to my bed, so I'll continue to be on a look-out. You'd better be my friend if you're planning to come in my yard.

Relaxing after guard duty.

Woof, woof.