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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dandy's Yogg

      Woof, Woof!
This afternoon I heard something that has been puzzling me: I heard that I smelled like a dog. Now I ask you, what kind of remark is that? I am a dog so what am I supposed to smell like--a rose? There are times when the human race is beyond my understanding.
     The next thing that happened was a rather sneaky attack on my dignity. My Lady clipped a short lease on my harness and plopped me into a sink of warm water harness and leash attached! I think that had something to do with the last bath that I had and I ran and hid under the furniture!
      Well, I learned that time that My Lady is as obstinate ( I like that word) as I, so there"s no point in dodging the issue--if she says hush, she means hush now or go to the quite corner and if she thinks its bath time it is definitely bath time. So I just stood there in all that water and let her thoroughly wet my hair and she was so surprised all she could do was keep saying what a nice doggie I was.
I guess I was being nice, but mainly I was just doing the smart thing. I've listened to a lot of talk in my years of living with humans, and one thing is that you're not going to win an argument with a woman. So why waste your energy?

     Of course I had a few good shakes before I jumped on the couch but it wasn't over yet. My Lady followed me with this noisy contraption that she used with my brush to groom me even more. Now I hope no one tells her, but this part was great fun, I just rolled over and let her brush my belly throughly.  It was rather nice to get the rest of me dried off and brushed, so this bath thing really isn't too bad.

Anyway, I'm glad to have the burrs brushed out and the next time I hear a tub of water running, I may go jump in. I like to hear that I now look handsome so I guess I'm in good company with all the movie stars I hear people raving over. There's not much else to do around here any more. The cats have disappeared and even the 'coon hasn't been around lately. I go the window every night and watch but nothing comes around. I guess it's for the best because My Lady was getting a little irritable when I couldn't control my barking. I hear the talk that that coon would have torn me to pieces but I'm not convinced. I got so angry with that arrogant fellow daring to prowl around on my porch that I still dream of taking him on.