Monday, February 24, 2014

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

It's a witches brew! I'm referring to computers and all related activities.

Today it's email. Two weeks ago it was the internet. Before that. . . more of the same   .   .   .

Email wonderful–if and when it works. Opened my computer Sat. morn. to check my mail. Had to enter my password–it wasn't  accepted. Changed it, Yahoo Mail opened.  What a shock to see an entirely different screen; an entirely different layout, different buttons to click for various actions (none of which did anything) and no mail, except a few old notices from 2011.

Ironically, nothing has changed about accessing 'help'. It remains impossible. Of course they state their phones are giving them great problems, so customers can either state their problems for 'community help' or email customer service via their form. Tried community service first and found pages of questions and complaints similar to mine. Very few answers - maybe one out of 10. Did that twice, and was assured I would be contacted by email–through the mail I am unable to receive, I presume, for I have yet to receive promised email.

 Besides that, my address list has disappeared. all saved messages are no more.

Why, when a system is finally understood, and doing exactly what we want it to do, is it tinkered with?
It's always described 'as new and better', or 'continuing our effort to bring you better service.' I can think of several apt replies to that!

It appears to me, that a little box that can dispense an answer to any question a person chooses to answer, that holds detailed instructions on most anything a person might wish to build or repair, should have been programed to fix  itself. Their human handlers don't seem to be smart enough to devise a simple method of communicating or correcting the problems they have caused.

I definitely need a chocolate fix.