Monday, March 31, 2014

The Real Me

Want to meet the real me? So did I, so for an hour or so I took a break from figuring income tax, and learned my spirit animal was a bear. Now don’t ya’ll start worrying about dropping in to visit. I’m tough but rather nice. My yellow personality analysis says so.

Now, the results of this next flight of fancy may not surprise you, but it did me. If I were living in medieval times, I would have been a witch doctor. Not witch, witch doctor! I assume that means I studied and learned lots of stuff and used my skills to help others.
I’m afraid to lookup the exact description.

 All these imaginable situations were getting interesting, so I moved on and investigated my super power, and learned it gives me the ability to from any place on the globe to another…without taking a step. This is going to take some practice. I tried going from my chair to the refrigerator for a snack, but no matter how hard I concentrated, I had to walk. Just think how nice it’ll be to put that clumsy walker and cane in a closet.

 My next venture took me back to the days of the Roman Empire and there, I was a Greek philosopher. Perhaps that side of me can figure out this 'traveling without taking a step problem'. On the other hand, I’m a little dubious about all these answers, since learning my best choice for a pet was a lizard…a vicious, green, dragon-like lizard that would take naps on my shoulder.  

Whoa! That isn’t going to work out. No way.

Still, a thread of truth ran through all these imaginary lives…like being tenacious and determined… and explained my stubborn streak was only a matter of knowing what I want.…Sounds a lot nicer than 'hard-headed' or obstinate.

Tenacious fits this little cluster of flowers by my driveway. They're hanging on in spite of whatever happens and they're gradually spreading.  That's the real world. 

In the Writing World…

Call it tenacious, persistent, or extremely determined, but in the case of Kathryn Stockett, those traits brought success. Her first novel, The Help took five years to write, and was rejected by sixty agents, before agent Susan Ramer agreed to represent Stockett. After all those reject, The Help spent 100 weeks on  The New York Times Best Seller list, and as of last August sold ten million copies. For success like that, I wouldn't object to being  called hard-headed.

Dannie Woodard,
Bear, Witch Doctor, Philosopher, and person who will not be choosing a lizard for a pet