Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Doggie Tale

     Dandy doesn't want to talk about it. He is curled up hiding his face and ignoring the world. I am sure that  at his first opportunity, he'll sneak onto this computer and tell the world how mean his Lady is, but this is so sad/funny that I must share the story.
     Like a proud mother of an exceptionally smart child (does that include all of us?), I have bored all my friends with "smart doggie' tales BUT  I didn't realize just how smart he really is!
     Last week was his first bath here at his new home. The sink in the utility room seemed to be an ideal spot and of course he was a very patient, enduring dog. Of course!
     However, I was a little fearful for his safety being so high from the floor. I was afraid the urge to jump and shake would overcome his caution and he would get hurt, so for this bath time I decided to try the bathtub. There was a rubber mat to keep him from slipping and a hand-held shower spray attachment to do on-the-spot shampooing and rinsing. This should be a more efficient way to handle this little chore, I was sure, so calling to him and chattering about "bath time,
I turned on the water, adjusted the temperature, and looked around for Dandy. Well, there he was, lying on the bedroom floor, his chin flat on the carpet and his eyes closed. I called...he didn't blink or twitch an ear! Silly me, I had said the b-a-t-h word and he knew. He knew that running water was for him.
     My only option, if I were to remain as head of the pack around here, was to go over and pick him up.
     He ran! He was a streak of brown fur and then I spotted him in the corner by the bed trying to get under. Luckily the bed is only a few inches off the floor so he was cornered. I was sure I had him! I reached to pick him up and he made a lightening quick dive under the bedside table and looked at me. This space was 5 1/2 inches high and he filled it completely. I tugged on his harness and he yelped. I reached around him and tried to give a gentle shove. He whined. I tugged some more and it hurt. The table was heavy and it was loaded with things, as all flat surfaces in my house are, so postponing moving the table,  I called and called and he began to wiggle out, those big eyes looking at me, silently begging me to please go away.
     The moment he was free from his tight spot he almost sprang to freedom  but I grabbed the little fellow and petted  and soothed him as best as I could.
     Yes, he got his bath and stood patiently through it all. Naturally, once out of the tub, he gave a mighty shake or two but my handy towel covered that. Once released from the bathroom, he made a beeline for the sofa with me close behind.  Maneuvering him into his bed instead of the sofa, he patiently endured a blow-dry and brushing and condescended to join me in the kitchen for a treat.
     I am not yet forgiven but there will be other baths. I'll try to remember not to say the "B" word and I will never, never start that little chore without having Dandy on a short lease. I don't want his dread of a bath causing him to get into such a tight spot that I can't get him out!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dandy's Yogg

 Woof, Woof!
    There has sure been a lot of confusion around my new digs. I didn’t have a clue what was the cause then I heard a word I’d heard before - “Thanksgiving!”  That explains everything. That is a time when every woman I’ve ever known changes from an attentive companion to some sort of constantly busy,  pan banging  gal, who seems to live in the kitchen.
      Now I must admit My  Lady still has time to talk to me occasionally and we’ve had a few short walks. Things smell pretty good, too! I figure that any time the smells are this good, there should be some good eating around somewhere. 
     Well!  Looks like I’ll never know! Can you believe that what is in my dish is dry dog food! I’ve tried every trick…oopps .. ..Of course I would never use trickery! What I mean is that I’ve sat in the middle of the kitchen and used my most soulful expression and all My Lady does is walk around me. I thought that maybe if I’d made a little noise she catch on that I’d like a bite or two of that good smelling stuff. All she did was to say “Good doggie.”  Finally I actually begged. I stood on my hind legs and did that little pawing thing with my front feet that always makes the women a real push-over. 
     So what happens? I get a treat…a cold weiner!  And I danced for that?  I must be losing my touch.
     Still, I’ve been through times like this before, so I’ll just take long naps and ignore all the commotion. I know very well that the word “Thanks” is a good word  and I’ve caught on to the “giving” thing too. Someone is always wanting me to “give” them a handshake.  That’s okay with me. Sometimes someone says “gimme a kiss” and I simply play deaf with that because I don’t do kissy.
     Still, Thanks-giving  makes a good word, and I can tell you right now, that being a dog makes me want to say “thank you!”  I have a good place to sleep, a lot of good things outside to smell  and listen to. I even have two special places so I can look outside. And My Lady is pretty nice, too, although we need a little attitude adjustment on this good smells/dry dog food problem.
Well, we do still have this cat problem but  I can usually ignore them…except when they don’t move out of my way, but if my leash has a little slack I can take care of that situation real quick. 
     Yep, life is good.  I hope yours is also at this Thanksgiving time.