Thursday, June 9, 2011


Coon Trouble

     It’s mighty hard for a guard dog like myself to stay out of trouble if your people don’t appreciate what you’re doing! I’m doing my best to keep this persistent coon off My Lady’s porch but he keeps coming back. My Lady even put a long stick by the door to whack him with if he didn’t scat so I think she will be on my side if this ever gets serious.
I'm watching
      One evening she opened the door and that arrogant fellow just stood on his hind legs and looked at her. He knew he’d better leave the country when she picked up a stick. He looked rather impressive, though, all stretched up like that. I may need to rethink my strategy.  Anyway, since that first night when I let loose with my really big, get out of my yard, bark, I’ve enjoyed exercising my lungs, but My Lady seems to get annoyed at times. Especially when I start clawing the window glass while I’m barking. When she says hush she seems to think I should be quiet. Me? With that ring-tailed trespasser outside my window? Seem as though I get in trouble ‘most every night and have to spend time in my ‘bad dog ‘ spot on the sofa.
     I’m not real sure what she thought that night I heard something at the front of the house and sounded my alarm. That it was 2:00 in the morning and that I was looking directly at the door to the hall appeared to be a trifle upsetting to My Lady but she behaved very well and we both went back to sleep….after she locked the door. She patted me a lot so I didn’t get any ‘bad dog’ treatment that time.
I try so hard to make folks
     I have two great places My Lady has fixed just for me, so I can watch outside: one by the back where that coon keeps coming, and one by a front window so I can watch cars on the street and visitors parking and lots of other interesting things.
      Yesterday she kept pointing and saying “Fox” and I finally spotted this kinda skinny fellow running around outside, He didn’t try to come up on the porch or get bossy with the cats so I didn’t see any reason to get excited about him.  He finally left and I didn’t even need to bark.
     I guess everything is fairly well under control around here. I almost slipped out the door tonight while My Lady was threatening that coon with her stick and could’ve caused some excitement! Don’t know which would have been worse … tackling that coon or living with My Lady after doing a bad thing.

Such is a dog’s life!