Monday, March 3, 2014

Bright Spots in a Dreary Day


I love both color and flowers.
These photos were forwarded to me and made my  day. I expect many of these strangers on this page belong to species we are familiar with…such as orchids, roses and lilies.

It looks like spring with its delicate cream and pink spiky petals
This isn't colorful, but it's certainly an attention getter.

Amazing perfection in each layer of  petals as they increase from the small center petals to the largest. 

                                                             Speaking of perfection, these white
                                                           outlined petals are rather neat.

This combination of colors is rather 
unusual. So is the arrangement of
petaled flowers in a perfect ball.

    The colorful balls below, left remind me of the 'pop balls'  we some time see on trees. Remember those tiny colored balls we used to pop.They grew on the leaves of oak trees.But a closer view shows they are spiky.The purple balls on the right consist of hundreds of tiny flowers…or appear to… and  may grow from bulbs. They''d sure brighten a dreary yard. 

Would these be from our own west? Probably not. A close look
shows they pop up on leafless stems, and appear to prefer
a rocky mountainous rocky terrain.

A tree like this would be nice and so would a flower pot  of these beauties   below.                                  

These appears to be a nice floral arrangement but since all these pictures are of seldom seen flowers, these must all be on the same plant. 

To have one bright red petal is a little unusual and makes these flowers appear to be laughing.

Take a second look at this one… those red petals below this 'basket' appearing center?  This the most unusual center ( I have no idea what something like this should be called)  I've ever seen.

Should these be thought of as
exotic blue bells or do you
see them as an open mouth?
These are some colorful
twists…all growing from
the same stem.
This reminds me of our Fourth
of July fireworks.

I wouldn't mind having a rose bush filled with these.
This is no beauty, that's for sure, but fascinating all the same.
If a person was walking through the grass and came across one of these would they jump? They don't appear to be very large but I think it would be startling..It certainly looks like an animal sticking its head out of the foliage.

Fluffy white centered in green petal-appearing leaves  appear at first glance, to be girls in fluffy white skirts. A closer look destroys that imaginary image, for the smaller part of the flower resembles a bird's head…not a girl's.

The flower resembles those of the spider wort in both color and shape, but these appear to grow on a tall stem.

A stem of white and coral  flowers  and  buds

A beautiful flower with a twist.

Can this be real? It is! Unbelievable
and charming.
White birds or angel figures? 

This looks almost 
poisonous…really unusual
to be blue totally blue…
flour, stem and leaves.

e of Fuchsias.


Unusual shape> for a flower.
Dancing girls?




Is this an iris? It appears to  be
closely related with blooms that
are  half and half  blue and white.

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