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Monday, July 4, 2011

Dandy's Yogg on the 4th of July

Woof, woof.
     Today was a great change from our usual ones. We drove miles and miles on  I-20 and turned in all kinds of directions before stopping, and I found I had arrived at this really neat place with lots of rooms and a big puddle of water to look at.  It was nice to see the humans that I knew and I got to go all around and smell every thing.
      It was an interesting place with lots of doors and a big window to look out and watch my friends play in that water.I didn't ask to go out there  though; I wanted to stay close to My Lady.

Real cats
      When we first arrived we were greeted by what my friend claimed to be a pair of resident cats. I’m not sure about that. One of them disappeared soon after we arrived and the other looked like no cat I’ve ever seen before.  I know what a cat looks like. I’ve chased them, let them rub all over me, and follow me everywhere I go. I’ve even watched them eat my food (but only when My Lady has me on a tight leash) these are cats, right?
The Big Fellow
     Anyway this cat which they called Fairlane, pretty well ignored me and I certainly wasn’t interested in cozying up with a cat, so we touched noses once and went our own way….for a while.
     It was near lunch time when disaster hit. I had been comfy under the table until I spotted dishes of food and water over in a corner. Well I meandered over to check it out and this Fairlane fellow attacked me.
     Now, I’m an average size for a Dinmont Terrier; about 13 pounds. This animal that they claim is a cat, weighs at least 25 pounds. I heard his Lady say so. So you can imagine how surprised I was to  have a 25 pound bundle of clawing fur rolling me around on the floor.   I have to tell you, I was more than surprised! I was scared out of my wits and besides, you readers just imagine having something twice your size knocking you around on a hard floor. I think that with all the snarls and yowls it got terribly noisy. I did my best to defend my reputation as a Terrier, but frankly, it was humiliating.

     Well, my friend grabbed me up in her arms but it took a while for me to be convinced I was safe. I seem to remember yowling a lot. She keeps saying that animal and I will become friends, but frankly, I doubt that either one of us is interested in friendship. I’m an independent, free-roaming kind of guy, and these sudden attacks aren’t what I want.   Of course, I didn't know I shouldn’t have touched his food. At my house  the cats went after my food and I sometimes slurped up theirs.
      Anyway, I expect the only thing this fellow and I share in our lives is the love of having our bellies scratched! Just look at that fat cat! Whooee! I'm glad I'm home on my own pillow.

Woof, woof.