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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dandy's Yogg

Woof, woof. This hasn't been the best of my summers. I'm no sissy, but this heat gets hard on a guy that can't take off his fur coat.

I think my Lady is as bored as I am. She's keeping that noisy picture thing going a lot, so it's no wonder she's bored. All these humans flip flopping and running around - makes me tired, except for the water stuff. Now that looks pretty interesting - seems as though nobody is around to rub soap all over you like in these gosh-awful baths. I don't know what a little fellow like me would do in that much water, but I'd sure like to find out.

It's been a little strange around here this summer. My Lady has spent more time than usual in her big chair and she kept cloths over her eyes a lot. She's not doing that any more and her eyes aren't very black , so I guess she's okay, but it was real strange when she spent a few nights sleeping in her chair. Of course, I stayed up to take care of her. Still, it's been nice to get back to normal - what ever that is.  After almost two years of living here, I still can't get that woman to keep decent bedtime hours. I've been very patient and polite but I'm considering other options.

I've had a lot of company - well my Lady has. They visit with me some and I try to carry on a decent conversation but it's pretty one-sided.

Well, I did  have one visitor of my own - that feisty little black and white terrier that was here one New Year's Eve, came again. She's a busy little thing but I was glad to have a visitor of my own. Actually, she was more interested with what was in my food bowl than sitting  down for for a talk!

I'm a guy that likes to keep my Lady safe from these wild varmints that prowl around here but these hasn't been much to do. I chased away a stray cat and sometime I can make the deer run. As  long as I'm in the house they just look my way and flop their ears. But when my Lady lets me out, boy do they run. They must be smarter than they look so they don't stay around when I'm outside taking care of the place.

Now let me tell you about another visitor. This is one I don't want to fool with - wouldn't do me any good to take it on, anyway, 'cause it just takes to the air and leaves.

I don't usually pay any attention to birds. They flit around all the time and don't seem to bother anything. They're not my type anyhow. We Dinmont Terriers are hunters of things like gophers, and badgers - all those things that like to dig burrows in the ground. So that's why I don't quiet know what to do with this big black bird that's hanging around my place.

A few days ago I saw it perched on a rail looking around and I figured he had no business here in my yard so I let out my mightiest bark and it left in a hurry. But it'd been at the bird bath. I was out later and I sniffed that scent pretty quick. I sniffed all around and stretched as far as I could but didn't learn much. Today my Lady let me roam a minute in the front yard and I knew it was here again. I couldn't seen it but I knew.  I don't like that big bird. Some ancient instinct is saying "beware"! So I just barked enough to alert my Lady that something was wrong and then casually turned around and headed for the front door like I'd had enough of the heat. I'm not sure I fooled her though, 'cause she followed me to the back door - and there it was.

Well folks, that's my summer so far. I have an idea that big bird is going to be around for awhile. I guess the deer will also. I'd rather have cats, though. They're more my size and I can count on them running in the right direction...away!