Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why Do They Hate

It has been less than one month since the scandalous behaviour of the Westboro church attracted public attention. Today, this group has again seized a tragic event to express their opinions in a sickeningly manner.

This group is apparently filled with hate toward many things and have chosen to express that hate in  unacceptable  behaviour of their own. Is it possible to hate everything but themselves? Apparently they hated everything about Elizabeth Edwards and her life and went so far as to assume that they were qualified to judge her state after death.

Now, with the death of six people by a shooter in Arizona, this group has the audacity to post on its website the words "Thank God for the shooter..6 dead."  Why are they saying this? What do they think this random group of people were guilty of to make their death a matter of thankfulness? How could they dare to include a 9-year old child in such a proclamation?

We need to know some facts about this church. How did such a church get established? What motivated its beliefs? Who taught this group their beliefs?  Who failed to teach them some basic rules of decency.

With the freedom of speech that our Constitution guarantees, there appears to be no ready answer to curtailing the methods these people use to express their hate other than using existing laws preventing their making a public disturbance near their targeted area of hate. We can, however, concentrate on  teaching future generations some rules of conduct. Who, among us, would want their children to be a part of such effrontery?

Combined with the tragedy of the circumstances of the shooting: the troubled shooter, his problems in school, his access to a gun, it is obvious that those in our present generation has years of dedicated work ahead of them.

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