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Monday, May 2, 2011


     What a pity it is that a person is so evil that across the world there is celebration because of his death.

       There are many things that we forget. Time and other events crowd out many memories, but the memories of the morning of 9/11 do not leave us. The enormity of the destruction and that of the horrific deaths will never leave us. Witnessing the fear of so many others as they fled the area and watching the heroic actions of firemen and police as they attempted the hopeless task of saving people are scenes that will not be forgotten..
     How many other atrocities did bin Laden mastermind?  Was he responsible for the bombing of an embassy and the USS Cole? We had no proof of who was responsible so we did nothing. These incidents were a slap in the face to the United States. They were meant to be. Neither compared to the enormity of 9/11. How did a man born into wealth, with an opportunity to do good, change into a monster? Was his hate so great that he had to destroy?
     Other questions arise. Why was he protected from discovery for so many years? Was it fear of his far reaching power or was it admiration and liking for that power. How many other bin Ladens are waiting to take his place?
     The headline shouted “WE GOT HIM!” and the nation is jubilant as it should be. It is proud of all who contributed to locating and killing this man. However, his organization still exists and will it ever be eradicated?
     It was in 1993 that we first experienced an act of terrorism against our nation.
Eighteen years ago!  All but one of those responsible were caught and sentenced and forgotten. Bin Laden was an unknown at that time and did not mastermind that attack…at least not to our knowledge.
     We’re celebrating the death of a very evil man, and we’re celebrating finally reaching our goal of capturing or destroying this man…but it’s not closure; it remains a war and will remain a war even when every member of our troops return home. It will remain a war against evil and hate.

Note:In the midst of jubilance there are some very serious thoughts.  Now we wonder: What next? And we must not forget and we must be forever vigilant.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day

The Fourth of July is a time to turn our thoughts back to those forefathers who had so few of the comforts of today, but were fighting for what they had left their homes for, what they were willing to die for ---their FREEDOM.

On July 4, we celebrate the signing of the document declaring the colonies independence from England; we all know that---or should! It was a momentous step for a small group of people who wanted above all else, their freedom. This Declaration of Independence is the foundation of the most important and possibly most taken for granted part of our lives.

It was later, after winning the hard-fought war, that a group of very wise men met and created the Constitution, an amazing document that has successfully guided our country throughout the years. Amendments have been added; their rules have been argued about and tested time and time again, yet the United States Constitution that these wise forefathers established exists today as the oldest written constitution still in use by any nation in the world.

We have prospered under the form of government they established and fought for. Not since the Civil War has any battle been fought on our soil, but thousands of lives have been lost in other lands by our sons and daughters, who fought in the past, and are fighting today, to keep our nation free from those who would like to control or destroy us.

Celebrate the Fourth of July as a day deserving the explosion of fireworks as a symbol of our gratefulness for this freedom