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Friday, April 13, 2012

Dandy's Yogg

Easter at My House

      Woof, woof. I'm back again. I need to tell you about what happened a few days ago. My Lady's whole pack came visiting. Well, I heard it wasn't all of them, but there were twelve big'uns and three little ones and a teeny tiny little thing.
     Well like a proper host I tried to greet everyone. I asked them all sorts of questions about what they'd been doing, but I didn't get any sensible answers. It just beats me what they get out of getting together and making a lot of noise that a fellow like me can't understand. I just gave up.
      My Lady insisted I get in my bed, so it seemed like a good thing to do if I didn't want to get squashed so that's what I did––at least while she was watching. And boy, that woman has eyes like a hawk. I couldn't even sneak down to the end of my couch for a nice snooze.

Then, whoosh, they were all outside. Craziest pack I ever saw. Those three little ones were running around holding baskets and spilling stuff that they were finding in all sorts of crazy places. Now I go out in that yard every day and I have never seen such things as they were finding. I must not have been living right 'cause they sure were having fun. Of course I  wasn't allowed to find any of that pretty stuff.

I got to look around a little but I didn't see anything to get all excited about. I guess it's just a people thing.

One of those little fellows took
a liking to My Lady. He kinda
liked me, too. He got in My Lady's lap and just stayed there. Now, I'm definitely not a lap dog.
As you well know, I'm a guard dog, but enough is enough. I finally crawled right up there with that little fellow and My Lady
sure had a lap full. Everybody thought it was funny, but to my way of thinking, it was time to make my presence known, before she forgot who took care of things around here.

Well, it was a nice day and I decided My Lady might have had the right idea about insisting I share my couch with the visitors. I got a lot of petting 'cause I guess they appreciated sharing my place, and it didn't take long for me to figure out that my corner was a good safe place to watch all the activity. There were a lot of good smells, too. You know how that goes, though––"sweets aren't good for dogs,"  or "He doesn't need any fat." I wouldn't have minded a chance to make my own decision but I guess a poor dumb dog needs taking care of.

Little do they know! Woof