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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Learning experiences

When you close your eyes and the image of a computer screen appears against the lids and when your dreams are demanding a password, it’s time to find another fun thing to do.
First, before I take a break to go on an extended shopping spree, I’ve been asked to explain to several readers why their efforts to leave a comment on either of my blogs have failed.
Me? Explain anything about computers? I do think, that from my very limited experience (1) you need to have a Google account which is free, (2) check that you are a follower (3) go to” leave a comment”. If this doesn’t work, consider the source of this information and ask someone who knows!
Naturally, I enjoy sharing a few thoughts here on Rocking_Chair and all my stored information on The_Aluminist but it’s even more fun to get your comments about your memories of fun things, and your information about your aluminum collection.
Go ahead and see what happens! I do have an email address for another kind of contact:>
If in this sharing process you’re tempted to take a hatchet to your computer, or like the soldier in Afghanistan who became so frustrated over his attempts to get help with his printer (was being charged for assistance) that he shot the darn thing, just hang on. I’ve read that this type of thing is excellent exercise for the brain!