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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dandy's Yogg

Me and the cats

Woof, Woof,
    I thought it was about time to update you on how things are going around here. I still have that herd of cats to contend with. I simply can not understand the mentality of these cats. When My Lady takes me out for a walk, these critters scatter like they'd been shot out of a shotgun. It's a really fun thing to watch and one of the highlights of my day.

I simply ignore them especially if one remains behind and arches it back and gets all puffed up. I don't even look around. Do they realize that they don't interest me.... with all these interesting scents of coons and deer and such, do they really think I am going to be interested in a cat? Well, I'l change that statement a tiny bit. One of this bunch of arrogant felines has never run from me. From the day I arrived, this smallest of the group, has stood its ground and let me touch noses. I kinda admire this little fellow. It's a pity all his kinfolks are such a pain to have around.

Anyway back to crazy feline behavior. I have told you how rude they have been to  a newcomer so figure this out: they follow me everywhere  I go. Everywhere! Here I go, leading My Lady to all the interesting places that I'd like to investigate further, and here appears a cat; then another, and another. Soon we form a parade with me in the lead and eight cats following. Its a sight, I can tell you.

Still, I've remained polite...until yesterday! Yesterday, My Lady gave took me outside to the patio and gave me a bone. from a dish of food she was carrying. When she set the dish down those pesky cats appeared just as they usually do. I gave them a warning growl. My bone had come from that dish. That meant that it was my food. Right?

Those dumb felines paid no mind to my little growl so I did it again and they still paid me no attention. Looks like I got no respect out here so I just dropped that bone and made a lunge and with all my might, did the growl/bark thing and you should have seen those cats fill the trees.

I think that I have that matter settled now. They can follow, but I'm not putting up with their rudeness any longer.
They can be nice or hit the road. They're no fun anyway! I'd rather dig a hole any time.