Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Cool Look

Okay, it's hot. It's hot almost everywhere. If the temperature is lower, the humidity may be higher and the misery remains  ......well, miserable.

In searching through my photos for a 'lost' picture, I came across these, which although they won't lower the temperature, they are at least refreshing.

Remember Spring? Left. wild primroses.   Center, Golden Bell Forsythia.           Next, a peach colored Iris.

Right, is from  friend touring our own southwest. Feel that moist air!

Below: From the same friend, while visiting the English country side.

Acres of tulips from an email

The cone flower blooms in late spring or early summer and is a native wild flower. I got this one at a nursery although I have had them growing wild in what is now a wilderness behind our house. We're hoping our plants grown from seed will survive.

Last year's rose bush in bloom.
This year...bare stems.

Welcome color-from another 

                                        Remember when............?  Remember wishing for summer?
                                                             We have it and more to come.

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