Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weavers' convention


It’s over and I survived!! I took a 6-day trip to New Mexico with my daughter, whose interest in a weavers’ convention being held in Albuquerque was the main reason for making the trip.
What can one say about a 600-mile drive through West Texas? I will report that the scenery around Sweetwater has changed since my last trip to that area. Now wind farms line the skyline, the blades slowly turning, creating a bit more energy for our rapidity increasing demands.

New Mexico has an abundant supply of talented artisans and we visited several galleries showing the work of a few before moving on to the convention center. There, venders booths were filled with colorful displays of more yarn than one would expect to see in their entire lifetime. Various items made from these yarns tempted the lookers. Scarves of every color and every weave imaginable were displayed. Silky ones with beautiful dyed patterns filled some booths. Hand bags and hats and many small items were for sale Jewelry lovers could browse and wish, and makers of jewelry had a huge variety of supplies from which to choose. Tools for the weavers use and looms of different sizes were on display and the weaving in progress always had watchers.
It was not all about buying. To become aware of the types of materials and techniques used was educational for the scores of us who know nothing of the weaving craft. The final viewing of the day, the exhibit of chosen examples of weavers' work, emphasized strongly these very things. All that was woven was not of yarn. Copper wire was used to make an impressive hanging, Wood, yarn, barbed name it...were combined in many pieces. Clothing and even portraits, all woven, proved the weaver's skill. All together, it was tremendously impressiveto view these displays.Perhaps more can be found later at my daughter's site at Sherri Woodard Coffey

The following day, while she attended her class of choice, we toured the nuclear museum, a sobering experience. Then a visit to Albuquerque's old town and a very pleasant time sitting on a bench in the shady plaza. The feet appreciated the rest if they were to survive for the next day's activities.

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