Leaving a Comment

LEAVING A COMMENT  may be the best part of blogging. This is a place to ask questions or to share your thoughts. It is here that new ideas may be suggested and developed and friendships may begin.
Those who write blogs look forward to seeing a remark!

A Comment box is not always visible.  Clicking on the words “0 comments” or “2 comments” is sometimes necessary to make the box appear. Some blogs have a place for comments on the right side in the side bar. Some comments are at the end of the blog. Sometimes when a series of posts appear one after another as the reader scrolls downward, a comment invitation is at the very end of the series. And sometime it is not a comment box, but is instead an invitation to “Drop me a line”  or “What do you think?’ Look carefully for a place to comply because it’ll be there waiting.

OK, now that you’re all set to say a word or so, just type it in and read it over to see if you said what you meant to. Next click share or some similar word that will  make your comment appear as an addition to the blog.

 It’s a disappointment to see that that doesn’t happen. Instead, some more steps  that must be completed appear before your comment is to become official. Please don’t give up now that you’ve written your message.

Some blogs require that a series of meaningless letters be correctly listed before the comment is sent. Some require some sort of verification of who you are such as having a Google or other account. One purpose behind this is to help the system screen for spam which is sent automatically and not individually by a “human” (as was explained in one set of directions).

There are also times when nothing works successfully! It simply happens and the next moment you do the same thing and everything goes right. My Safari tells me time and time again that it can't find what I entered and then pops it right up the next second. 

I hope that you, my readers, are determined enough, are stubborn enough to use the Comment option and that having fought your way through the this and thats and finally sent your message/comment, it will a very simple, easy thing to do in the future.