Blogging Along

Blogging Along

The Blogger system is a wonderful way to connect with others but it
 has strictly enforced limitations.
 The blog, http://aluminist.blogspot.comAluminist, has information
about hammered aluminum and  about me, as an aluminum collector
This  blog, the Rocking Chair Journal, has memories and random thoughts
and experiences, but the 'about me' gadget, accepts only the Aluminist "
about me" information. For a visit with me and additional information  click on
 the OTHER ME  under  in the menu bar below the header or
under the Link List.

PAGES is a gadget that holds posts of permanent reference material
that may be activated by a click on your choice. As our needs and interest
change a page may be added or elimated.

These pages may be in the sidebar or shown at the top of a blog, below
the header  A click opens each.

LINKS  are like door knobs; they open the door to whichever room you
choose and you will often find many interesting things displayed there.
Whenever the subject matter is highlighted in the post that is being read
 they usually led to more information on the subject. When links are shown
under a Links List they may lead to more information concerning the blog
that is being read or they may open the door to another world of knowledge.

SUBSCRIBING in Blogger language has a slightly different meaning
from that used in our other media world where to subscribe to the
daily newspaper or a McCalls or Newsweek involves making a financial
transaction in order to receive periodical issues. In Blogger language,
it means nothing more than entering your email address in order to r
eceive notification that a new Post is ready for you to read!

Another gadget is titled FOLLOWERS, although other heading are
sometimes used. They are simply readers who like your blog.  Followers
are fans of your subject matter or your writing. I believe that if they wish,
a fan can choose to enter information about themselves or simply join
the others. It creates a growing lists of readers with alike interests.

LEAVING A COMMENT  may be the best part of blogging. This is a 
place to ask questions or to share your thoughts. It is here that new ideas 
may be suggested and developed and friendships may begin.

Those who write blogs look forward to seeing a comment!
 Several blog writers have spoken of problems some of the 'over 50' 
age group of readers have had when they have tried to leave a remark. 
As one of that group, I had my share of difficulties understanding 
and following the instructions.  
Clicking on the COMMENT  button below this blog's title opens some 
instructions which may help.