Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dandy' Yogg

Cat trouble

Woof, Woof.
     I wish there was some way that I could make My Lady understand that I truly have no intentions of dismembering those dumb cats that hang around my back door.
     If she’ll remove my leash I believe that I can convince them that they’re meowing at my door and trying to come into my house and I’m not going to put up with it.
     On the other hand, she may  understand those cats better than I.
     One evening after dark My Lady did not tell me to stay when she opened the door so I had my chance. I scattered eight cats in eight directions and they didn’t stop for any sight seeing as they left!
     Wow! Was My Lady upset with me.  She put me in the house (under protest, I can tell you) and called me a bad dog. Now that hurt. Here I am, the protector of this house, doing what it appears to me should be done, and I’m called a bad dog!
     I guess that I had her really stirred up, because she ignored me for hours. Well, I haven’t been around these eight years without learning a few things, and number one is, when your Lady is on the warpath you’d better disappear. The trouble was, she wouldn’t let me out of my corner on the sofa, so I just hid my face and went to sleep….kept the peace that way.
     Anyway, when I woke up, I decided that I was going to have to make the first move to make up, so I reached out my little paw a few times and patted My Lady’s arm and tried to talk over the situation a bit,, but she just started laughing so I shut up and crawled into her lap.  Sure was nice to have peace in the house again.
     Of course, I'm a lot smarter than those cats and I learned my lesson better than the they, ‘cause I don’t go out that door without my leash and those darn cats act like I never sent them scattering. They still mob the back door and I give them a scare now and then so they’ll remember who’s boss, but mainly I just walk on by them and let the silly things follow. 
     Did you know that there are some other doggie blogs? There’s a bulldog out in Wyoming who hates going out in the snow on account of his short legs, and some others who’ve been chasing gophers and digging trenches in the dirt. That sure sounds like fun!
      Well, I guess we’re all really lucky dogs and if they get in trouble with their family I can give them a few tips on managing their Ladies. 

Merry Christmas, ya’ll. Woof!